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Rosie Hodgson at Colindale Folk Club

Rosie Hodgson at the Colindale Folk Club Monday 8th Oct

Rosie has a strong, pure voice that beautifully delivers traditional folk songs. Many fine examples can be heard on her website.

"Rosie brings a ruby-richness to lyrics new and old..." – Folk Radio UK

"Fresh and forthright..." – FATEA Magazine

"...Rosie has firmly established herself as one of the finest folk artists...her live sets are intimate and unorthodox, and her voice is very much a dreamlike thing; emollient and charming..." – Chi Live

Floor spots start at 8:30. Free entry, good food and a friendly pub - the Chandos Arms, 31 Colindale Avenue, Colindale, NW9 5DS.

Upcoming acts for 2018/2019 ======================= November 12th - Iona Fyfe December 10th - Anna Tam January 14th - Bernard Hoskins

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