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Keeping it up!

It was pointed out to me this week that I've not been keeping this Blog up. I suppose I think no one bothers to read it but maybe it's a good exercise to keep it up even if they don't.

Today, a lovely bunch of flowers arrived on my doorstep from our BDM, Richard. A BDM is a Business Development Manager from the Brewery. I suppose in music terms it's a bit like an A&R. He bridges the gap between the little guys (us) and the big guys (Heineken). I've been a bit under the weather with some very dull health issues and he sent them to me to brighten me up, which they certainly did. WE have a really good relationship and it thinkwe've had a bit of a laugh over the last couple of years getting this ship to sale.

On Tuesday we had a professional photographer come and take lots of pictures of the pub, now the refurbishment has been completed. I can't wait to see them. Everything looks really good and I can't help but think it's a beautiful pub.

Tonight, we have our brilliant Funk & Soul club, it's a miserable cold day, so hopeful the weather won't stop people coming out!

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