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Yesterday was one of those difficult days at the pub.

Although we are building friendships with some really wonderful people in this area, there still remains a small cliental of rough, heavy drinking folk who really can’t help themselves.

Standing in the middle of a group of burly men who are all threatening to hit each other with pool cues is not my idea of fun but it’s better for me to do it than Are who they will probably just punch. They did all calm down and in a while they had made friends but it’s really not the kind of behavior I want at my pub.

We’ve been here for just over two months and I really love the lifestyle. It’s very social, long hours and every day is different. I’m getting used to the roller coaster of financial concern as the takings slowly grow and the accounts become clearer.

Along with my music career, I really think this is the way forward in the long run. I sense that Chandos Arms could be a really massively successful business if we’re lucky and all these great people in the area continue to find and support us!

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