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A Large Glass of Wine

Taking on a pub that has suffered from years of mismanagement and inconsistency is a very hard job. Taking it on whilst also trying to be a Mum to a three year old is probably madness. Timing! It was never going to be the best time to do this but the opportunity was too good to turn down and let’s face it, I may never have had the chance at any other time in my life.

Before we moved to Chandos Arms, I was used to going to work. Saxon was used to me going to work and everyone was happy. Now, I’m at work all the time and so is Saxon! Pretty much everything I do now, I have to do whilst a 3 year old is vying for my attention. It’s double the work and I’m struggling a little bit. I was never the ‘stay at home Mum’ kind of person. I went back to work 3 months after he was born and mostly for the first 6 months he came with me. He was such a good baby. Now that easy going baby has turned into a confident, fun loving toddler, more beautiful than any other child, but God he’s a handful. After a long a day of balancing admin, 30 for lunch and childcare I’m reaching for a very large glass of red wine!

Luckily, my Mum has stepped in and offered to pay for him to go to nursery two days a week until he gets his 15 free hours in September. A God send for both of us as Saxon has been ready for a while for some kind of structured play.

This morning, I met with Roger and his boss from Caledonian Brewery. People involved in Cask Ale have a massively infectious enthusiasm for their business. They really know what they are talking about and I love chatting about beer with them. Roger was impressed with our cellar and our attention to detail when it comes to Ale and although we are still a small business they have offered to design an in-house Ale for us. I’m very excited about this prospect. It’s another small step to making Chandos Arms the unique, thriving pub I want it to be. I sense a real sense of support from our Brewery and those producers associated with them. So many people would like to see Chandos Arms take its rightful place as the leading Community pub in this area. Fingers crossed and with a fair wind behind us we will get there.

A couple of weeks ago Mediaeval Baebes found ourseleves without an office and rehearsal space. Due to no fault of our own we were kicked out on the streets. Luckily, Chandos Arms has a lovely big basement and large living room for rehearsals so we’re now safely installed in the pub, which all seems very fitting. Me and the other Baebes get together here a couple for times a week for rehearsals. It’s just what I’ve always wanted. A place for all the things I love. My family, music, good food, booze and fun!


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