Roller Coster

Running a pub at this stage is a total roller coaster! On quite days my heart is in my mouth and I am consumed with doubt. On busy days I start to regain my faith and excitement! My accountant told me today to stay focused and not get distracted by my fears! There is a long way to go with Chandos Arms to make it the pub is should be and I really hope we can do it. Every day I notice little changes for the best. New people coming in to try out the pub, people who haven’t visited for a long time coming back and new connections in the community. Over the last 9 years my husband and I have never really had much quality time together. We've both worked very long hours, me with a full time job and several active music projects and him with very long hours going late into the night as a live sound engineer. The most important thing that has happened to us over the last few weeks is knowing we have made a change and we will never go back to a lifestyle that allowed us ten minutes together on a good day. I love working with him and Saxon here all the time. Even if I’m busy I can still grab and kiss and a cuddle when ever I want. I’ve decided tonight I’m going to try my hand out at DJing. DJs are quiet expensive, even more so than many live bands. I know how to play a record. How hard can it be? I’ll report back. Right now, the pub is buzzing and the sun is shinning. WE CAN DO IT!

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