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10 Days In!

So much has happened over the last week and a half that I can hardly remember any of it. It’s all been a bit of a dream.

We’ve managed to hit all out goals of getting the pub running, starting our stone baked pizzas, building a small stage and installing a live music PA. Now comes the really difficult bit which is to get the community of Colindale to visit their local pub. The Chandy has a fairly checkered past and a lot of the people I meet have some kind of story of tell about it. Mostly of violence or dodgy dealings. It’s time to forget that history and move on. The Chandy has a new team at the helm and the future is looking bright. I have to say so far I am loving this lifestyle. I love a big project and this pub is certainly that. I love chatting to people and sharing stories at the bar. Listening to the buzz of people and music downstairs is really thrilling.

Saxon is slowly settling in and we’re getting our living area sorted. Cheers to a new life and the people who are soon to discover the Chandos Arms.

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