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A new life.

Yesterday was my penultimate day at St John at Hackney. We went out for a staff lunch and after a couple of glasses I got a bit tearful. It’s been an amazing training ground. Certainly Fr Rob has been a great influence and a true friend to me.

I walked home towards my new life.

There are so many reasons why I need to be my own boss now. One of them is that my touring commitments are now stretching well over the allotted holiday time of four weeks that most jobs allow. With the Baebes signing to IMG in the USA we’re looking to being on the road much more and PYTHIA have a new album out this year so hopefully that will bring so shows to us.

Yes, I know running a pub will be really hard work but I’ve never been someone who shies away from work. In fact I get despondent if I don’t have anything to do. Those people who know me well all think it will suit me and in the end you only live once and you’ve got to follow your dreams.

Today I’ve announced the pub on Facebook/Twitter I’m looking forward to seeing what my friends and supporter think of this new plan.

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